Thesis for microfinance

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It enables supervisors to better monitor their areas of responsibility, pinpointing priority areas that most require attention and also helps senior management to better orchestrate the work of the entire organization and make well informed operational and strategic decisions by regularly monitoring the health of the microfinance institutions considering a set of well-chosen reports and indicators.

The table below shows the performance of Hofokam in the eyes of the respondents.

Thesis for microfinance

It was found out that the MFI was gradually growing in size and also expanding its operational areas and to effectively realize the full purpose of the auditing function, its staffing had to match the size of institution.

The enquiry enabled the development of an explanatory framework for financial inclusion through microfinance.

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In the Hofokam annual reportonly 17, clients had credit facilities, a profit of UGX million was made against an asset base of UGX 7. It is a better measure in this context because ROA is self reported and does not necessarily include the value of donations, in-kind subsidies and inflation that MFIs should be incorporating in this ratio.

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The relationship between funding and performance of Hofokam Table 13 illustration not visible in this excerpt Source: Field data The findings in the table above indicated a very weak, negative and statistically insignificant relationship between funding and performance of Hofokam. In the same period, Hofokam transformed from a loss making MFI to a profit making venture. Table 2: Table showing number of respondents to the study illustration not visible in this excerpt Source: Primary data From the above rate of response, That the MFI was incurring high financing costs on external loans was due to poor bargaining skills on the side of the institution. The capital from whole sale money lenders despite not being enough was very expensive. The quality of the MIS is measured also in its ability to meet the demands of business as it grows. Hofokam Limited is a church based institution and all levels of governance encourage holy matrimony, a move that has been well embraced by all the staff and in the process increasing the number of the married. Such as scenario has an effect on motivation and willingness to sacrifice by members of management so as to have an improved level of performance. A study between microfinance banks, microfinance institutions, and rural support programs. At the most fundamental level, it is important to note the distinction between data and information. In addition to financial intermediation, many microfinance institutions provide social intermediation services such as group formation, development of self-confidence, training in financial literacy and management capabilities among members of a group. Effects of microfinance in developing agricultural countries. Such reports are useful to management, donors and regulators CGAP,

To most respondents, the only reason they felt the MIS was lacking was mainly on the fact that it is not interconnected across the branches to head office thus the on time performance monitoring and system controls were not effective compared to other competitors.

Unlike the typical rating agencies that rate the riskiness in issued debt, microfinance rating agencies rate the overall performance of the MFI in terms of outreach and sustainability.

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