The lady with a dog literary analysis

He prefers to live his life with his wife while at the same time having brief liaisons with various women. The man pets her dog in order to strike up a conversation.

While being unfaithful Gurov is living out a dream of how he would like to live his life. Though Gurov has fallen in love it does not necessarily mean that he can be trusted.

It may also be a case that Gurov is driven by his ego and that he enjoys an element of control over the women that he commits adultery with. In his first meeting with Anna, Gurov assumes that their relationship will be like the many affairs of his past.

Feelings covered him and purified from hypocrisy and indifference. In contrast to the elder women with whom he used to have affairs and who would occasionally display a "rapacious expression" on their beautiful faces, Anna excites Dmitri's desire with her fresh and unaffected nature.

After this incident, Jem recognizes the talent that his father possesses and the humbleness that he displays. Some see this in a positive light, contending that fictitious stories cultivate our mental and moral development.

the lady with the dog tone

The mere imaginative and prescient this conjures up should make it easy to narrate to the emotions attached to such an undesirable pursuit. It is also possible that the women that Gurov sees are not seeking realism but rather see Gurov as an avenue of escape.

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