Teen mothers and their responsibilities

Utilizing free health care from the state, such as Medicaid, may be an option. I devoted all my time to my child; I do not have any more time to do further work.

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If you are pregnant, options for you to consider include: continue the pregnancy and raise your child with a partner continue the pregnancy and raise your child on your own continue the pregnancy followed by adoption end the pregnancy termination.

Your feelings will probably also change while you are thinking about your options. J Family Reprod Health.

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Infant Behav Dev. Physical problems that have been caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding; made difficult the maternal role for teenage mothers.

Teenage pregnancy financial problems

European Scientific Journal. Multiple mental stress can affect the performance and health of the mother and her family adversely 7. Also, small breast, breast fissures, and mastitis were expressed by the majority of teenage mothers Table 3 , Qutation Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand; Further studies are necessary to explore consequences of early motherhood, and strategies that help teenage mothers to overcome this challenges. You might also feel that people judge you for being a teenage parent. My relationship with my parents has also improved a lot and they now play an active role in her life, which makes me just so happy. Emotional and physical changes of teenage mothers led to tension and disruption of relationship with partner and family. Teenage mothers in this study were not able to take care of the child independently. Your responsibilities: What does being a parent mean to you? Finishing high school and pursuing a college education will allow her to be able to financially support her child and become more independent. What is to keep them from lying to you about your teen if they feel it will help you teen "stay out of trouble?

Teenage mothers are feeling and experiencing the same things many of us did at their age, only at a more intense level. Your responsibilities: What does being a parent mean to you?

They might even refer to invalid information resources and aggravate problems. While teens are given the ultimate choice of what they want to do with their future lives, parents can influence it by using encouraging methods, but not through discipline.

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Teen Mothers and Their Responsibilities