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B judgment sample.

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What sampling method was used? Answer: FALSE Difficulty: Moderate Keywords: stratified sample To estimate the mean number of hours a student at a major university spent in the library, a researcher obtained the list of students from the registrar's office, from which she can select a random sample of students.

C simple random sample. To do so, he randomly selects student transcripts and records the number of units each student earned in the spring term. B A sample is less costly to administer than a census.

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Focusing on Big Picture Statistical analysis of a representative group of consumers can provide a reasonably accurate, cost-effective snapshot of the market with faster and cheaper statistics than attempting a census of very single customer a company may ever deal with.

One student is randomly chosen from the 1st group, the remaining observations are every 15th student thereafter. She decided to select 2 students randomly from the freshmen, 5 randomly from the sophomores and 3 randomly from the juniors.

Answer: D Difficulty: Easy Keywords: sampling method, nonprobability sample, convenience sample To demonstrate a sampling method, the instructor in a class picked the first 5 students sitting in the last row of the class. A a designed experiment B a published source C a random sample D observational data Answer: C Difficulty: Easy Keywords: sources of data Which of the following is not a reason for the need for sampling?

Answer: discrete Difficulty: Moderate Keywords: discrete variable, types of data 60 True or False: The brand of TV one owns is an example of an ordinal scaled variable.

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Answer: categorical Difficulty: Easy Keywords: categorical variable, types of data 42 In purchasing an automobile, there are a number of variables to consider. Identify the population from which the study was sampled.

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Statistics for managers