Spread trading

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Spreads create a more level playing field. What is spread trading? Spread positions tend to be less risky than outright long buy or short sell commodity positions. Position trades can be held considerably longer at less risk by spreading, allowing you to participate in a big market move.

Since the front months tend to outperform the deferred months, a trader who is bullish on corn would buy the near month, sell the deferred month, and would like for the near month to move faster and farther than the deferred months.

This is the opposite of our Bull Futures Spread. Commodities also may have seasonal periods of supply, like the grain markets.

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Central Time. He started writing books, giving seminars and private tutoring. This book is all wheat. Anyone who has traded spreads over a period of time knows that things can sometimes go awry. These great advantages make spread trading the perfect trading instrument for professional traders and beginners. For a stock option , the spread would be the difference between the strike price and the market value. Aggregator Access greater liquidity by combining two or more instruments from different markets into a single synthetic instrument.

However, we are holding to the same price as we have always charged, in fairness to our customers. Trading the difference between two contracts in an intramarket spread results in much lower risk to the trader.

Doing so eliminates execution risk wherein one part of the pair executes but another part fails. When a futures contract expires, its seller is nominally obliged to physically deliver some quantity of the underlying commodity to the purchaser.

For example, a trader might buy December corn and sell December wheat.

Spread trading

That is why when you are long the near month and short the deferred, it is called a bull futures spread. Mobile Enter and manage spread orders on the go with TT Mobile. Spreads often trend when outright futures are flat. The most effective way to trade spreads is using end-of-day data. Learn about TT Premium Services. Some commodities are in higher demand during the summer, like Gasoline and Crude Oil, while some have a higher demand in the winter, like Natural Gas, Heating Oil and Coffee. Because there are no stops possible, spread trading is a purer form of trading. Learn about ADL. This is officially known as a spread trade.

Futures Spreads and Seasonality Many commodities markets have seasonal periods of supply and demand.

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What is Spread Trading, How It Can Be a Profitable Tool for Earning in Commodities