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I don't know, I don't want to over analyse it because I don't want to ruin it's mysterious beauty. Though really, the murderer doesn't sound any more repentant in jail then he had when he was dumping his slain gal in the river then heading home to bed. It also symbolizes power, the top representing the elite who control the world, and the base being the ways of domination, e.

To say who's to blame destroy the middle is a waste of time. Bruce had given a voice to desperate souls before, but those were usually good people fallen on hard times. A cursed sword that has been known to turn enemies to stone.

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I think it's about losing your innocence as a teenager, by all means. There are a number of different deities associated with healing, from a variety of different pantheons.

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If you need to come up with some songs for an anniversary, wedding reception, or Valentine's Day, the list below is a great place to start. There is enormous symbolism in ritual, especially religious ritual. A catchy song that names the 73 books of the Catholic Bible. It is about being faithful to Jesus. Battles, coronations, funerals, cities being sacked, and seas splitting up—you can find songs in the Bible for all kinds of occasions. Does there seem to be an air of lingering negative feelings or an unclean atmosphere in some area of your abode? And by 'setting fire to our insides for fun' is falling in love, setting your heart on fire.
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Song Analysis of Youth by Daughter Essay Example