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This busy urban city is located within a nation that is still feeling the devastating effects of the recent Cold War and the Vietnam War This, along with ruthless capitalism, urban industrialization, and the recent economic recession led many individuals to experience a great sense of anonymity and alienation within the chaotic environment of New York City. I guess You will have to look it up website dudes!!! Staying mostly within the boundaries of his home life, he knew little of the outside world, let alone the fine arts. Whichever is the fate of the Spiral Jetty, this particular land art intervention or sculpture has definitely marked the beginning of a new era and launched an entirely new perception of the function and the meaning of an artwork. This ignites a consciousness that the urban buildings of modern society are still constructed from the basis of natural materials. Unfortunately, three years after creating it, the artist died in a helicopter crash in Texas. The open plaza is a busy intersection for business professionals and government administrators to travel across on their way to and from work.

His work is often categorized within the Process Art or Land Art movements. They say 'Serra 's sculptures give you a physical experience; it's not just about looking. Standing at exactly twelve feet tall, the height not only functions to dwarf the viewer, but there may also be a historical rationale behind its exact measurement.

Adopting this long view, we can watch as, on either side of the Helix, the city continues to empty during the seventies and then in the nineties slowly refill, like a tide pool with an incoming tide—as wealth and population begin their still-ongoing shift from the suburbs to the city.

Four were made for group shows in which he was invited to participate.

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Many critics believe this may be a further comment on the power dynamics of the urban centre. This is not that. Furthermore, evidence of the vital impact the environment plays on Spiral Jetty lies in the fact that the piece only surfaces when the level of Great Salt Lake falls below an elevation of 4, There is no end to it, really, and no beginning, really, that being the point. I noticed a drastic change in the way that many of my friends and family were living. Courtesy Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. One looms above you, the other seems in danger of falling away. Being a bit sparky back then, I thought I'd see what he was made of. Minimalism endeavored to eliminate representation and focus solely on reducing art to its simplest form. His work has thus unwittingly inspired a host of counter-responses by subsequent generations, who, decidedly in rejection of his histrionic example, turned in the late s and s toward more ephemeral, everyday materials to suggest that art could be monumental without relying on massive, "in your face" substances and formats. The monumental weight of these burnished sculptures is tangible as soon as you enter the space.

It is said that this minimum twelve foot standard was implemented to prevent a fully grown man from standing on top of a horse and climbing over the wall. The particular direction in which the sculpture is tilted is also relevant to the social context.

That's a little bit extreme, right?

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Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc