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He was also really big on symbolism. In the novel The Grapes of Wrath, author John Steinbeck conveys the connection people have with their land, without which they feel they cannot survive mentally or physically People need all types of relationships; they need love to know they have a great person right with them along the whole way, they need someone to care about and support, they need someone to flirt with and to have a strong sexual relationship with, and most importantly they need a friend to behold there secrets and trust This made life extremely difficult for people in this area because their homes, the only places theyve known for years, had become useless and torn down due to the excessive amounts of dust.

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The baby of Rose of Sharon is still born. Some of these families who made the journey in real life carried on when all they had was hope. The Joad family alongside thousands of other refugees also affected by the dirty thirties migrates west towards California seeking employment and a new home. As the policeman is trying to arrest Floyd, Tom trips him and Jim kicks him — rendering him unconscious. This specific author, Maurine Hinds believes that it was an attempt to expose the difficult endeavors that these people had to go through due to the fact that their lives had been completely on account of the Dust Bowl. Tom offers for Jim to join him on his journey home. One character who strongly contributes to this journey is Ma Joad. The Grapes of Wrath Character and setting description for the grapes of wrath Description of character: Al Joad Al Joad is a fairly skinny guy of medium built who starts out being a cocky, self-conceited character. During the same year of , in the city of Richford, Vermont, The Grapes of Wrath was challenged for its vulgar language once again. This is a story of a The grapes of wrath would not have made sense if it were to be written without it geographical and time settings The people in the dust bowl imagined California as a haven of jobs where they would have a nice little white house and as much fruit

The main characters in the novel are sharecroppers turned into migrant workers much of the stetting is taken place outdoors Steinbeck uses images that are very effective and have a large impact on how the characters are perceived. As the Joad family continues to travel south, they find a government-run camp in Weedpatch, where they stay for just over a month but realize they must continue on.

Initially, Pa is regarded as the head of the family, and is respected as such. What the men did not realize, or did not want to recognize, was that the women were the ones who were really in control.

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Interestingly, these intercalary chapters are needed to provide readers with a very generalizes synopsis of the social conditions that affect the main characters, as well as to deliver historical accuracy and commentary on the social and political background of the novel.

In order to survive, these families must overcome the challenges of addiction, poverty, and disparity in their own ways. This causes a rift between property owners and migrant workers.

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