Ok cheater

Cheating is a surefire way to hurt your partner. How about a mid-marriage crisis affair? We had a guy today who found out his wife was cheating with his buddy, so he posted his buddy's wife's number so people could let her know about the affair.

cheating in marriage

But when people work on their marriage and put the lover by the wayside, they're often very surprised at how much things can improve.

People are coping. There's something they're hungry for and they're not getting it in life. It just doesn't exist for people anymore.

is it ever ok to cheat on your spouse

Before I did this research, I really thought that affairs were fatal for relationships, but they're not. For starters, the only way to move forward is to admit that you did something wrong.

Is letting the world know someone has cheated a violation of their privacy?

cheating quotes

It can be the catalyst for growth and increased complexity. She puts pressure on anyway. But if I have an affair, I'm able to pretend that everything's O.

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Why We Have Affairs — And Why Not to Tell