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These two opposing views have different opinion about the social responsibility. This can be attributed to the fact that they do not pre-make their burgers and leave them under heat lamps to sit like McDonald's does. It is qualitative in terms that its purpose is to understand the social life.

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McDonald's has to consider the degree of subjectivity of the various performance measures. Early work in this area proposed that there are two dimensions to the expectation construct: the level of service desired by the customer and the level of service predicted by the customer Anderson, ; Swan et al.

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While there are variations in the specific styles adopted by the fast food operators a number of general defining characteristics can be identified. Place: Strategic location of most Mc Donald fast-food outlet is found in populated and easily accessible areas eg; retail areas,airports, busy street or most certainly locating closely where its top 3 competitors are also doing business eg;Burger King, Subway etc.

In the neighboring Costa Mesa, the establishment is a generic restaurant.

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Factors such as values, cultural differences, language barriers, beliefs, etc…in order to successfully promote an organization's products and services. Mc Donald Price: my guess is Value-pricing offering just the right combination of quality and good service at a a fair price 3. Kramer and Szczesniak use a circle diagram to describe the sensory quality of food. In all its markets, McDonald's faces competition from other businesses. McDonald's has expanded into the gourmet-coffee market and is trying to directly compete with Starbucks Gutierrez, The researcher is close to the respondents and uses a dynamic approach. Main paradigms of social sciences include: 1. For caterers, this means offering a greater option of healthier tableware, and for manufacturers and retailers, rebalancing foodstuff ingredients, in particular, reducing the attendance of fat, salt and sugar and rising that of fruit, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.
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