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If you read Paul McCartney interviews, you know that he is eager to describe the sounds of the bands contemporary to The Beatles, and how they tried to copy those sounds in a bid to stay current. It just shows that the classic album and song are still here to remind you of how awesome it always has been, even decades later.

We can still have both features simultaneously though. I did know it not know it would lead you to my door.

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Great app overall tho, 4. Tonight I won't be here all alone. The hit peaked at No. But by tonight we'll be more just friends. With that said, there are so many '90s songs whose lyrics you'll never forgeteither because they are so darn catch or they've haunted you years later.

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So basically, the song is about someone who is lonely hopes their former significant other will call them and come back.

Make yourself at home. Darren Hayes, one half of the duo, told the publication that an early version of the song was recorded on their first demo tape.

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