How to write a response to divorce papers

You must attach your three most recent paystubs to this form.

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Once the divorce has been finalized, your state law most likely requires that a copy of the decision be sent to you. You can also file a "counterclaim" along with your answer. If you don't agree, you need to file a response and you can look at your state court web site or go to the courthouse to get the right form to do that.

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Crystal's Question: I had my husband served with divorce papers. Since you did not respond, you are not a party to the case at this point and can do nothing.

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The answer states whether you agree to the divorce. However, the spouse should be certain on this information.

How to write a response to divorce papers

It is best to file it with your Answer so you do not forget later. I called to check on the docket and they told me they were waiting for my husband to serve me with his response to the papers. How long do I have to wait for my divorce to be final? Otherwise, the spouse can forfeit his or her rights and legal arguments. Along with your answer you should file a Financial Statement. Additionally, the divorce papers may allege the grounds for divorce. Where do I get a waiver to postpone responding to the divorce? Brette's Answer: This varies by state. You answer the divorce petition to let the court know your position in the divorce case. What if I don't respond to the divorce petition? Do you need proof of who signed the papers? This is to prevent the spouses from being on uneven footing. Whoever has the form issued by the Clerk is legally prevented from doing all of the above things as soon as it is issued. Brette's Answer: The best thing to do is get an attorney who can help you. Even if the spouse who receives the paperwork believes he or she is in agreement with the divorce and allegations, a divorce attorney can review the documents and inform the spouse of his or her legal rights and options.

Additionally, the divorce papers may allege the grounds for divorce.

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6 Things to Do After Receiving Divorce Papers