Harmful traditional and cultural practices in

Abebech, a year-old known traditional practitioner, used a new razorblade to cut her genitalia. You can check your answers with the Notes on the Self-Assessment Questions at the end of this Module. As you have seen, early marriage is associated with many health and social consequences which could be prevented if the community has sufficient knowledge and the law is enforced.

Early marriage is also preferred by parents to ensure their daughters are virgins when they marry and hence live up to traditional expectations. France is the number one asylum country. Although FGM is recognised as a violation of human rights under Ethiopian law, it continues to be practised in many regions of Ethiopia.

Her father and mother decide she should marry an older merchant in his 50s who lives in the neighbouring town. The age at which girls are made to undergo FGM varies from region to region.

Painful and debilitating infections are often contracted due to the use of implements such as scissors or razor blades in non-sterile settings. After three days labour with no health professional to assist her, the baby was stillborn.

negative cultural practices

DFID - Department for International Development The main risk factor for genital mutilation relates to traditional ethnic customs rather than religious practices.

At Coram International, we work with a number of different organisations to help combat the use of corporal punishment as a tool to discipline children.

effects of harmful cultural practices

Harmful traditional practices and health inequalities Harmful traditional practices occur across all sexes, sexual identities and genders.

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Types & Prevalence of Harmful Practices