First day of school writing activities for 2nd grade

Pick a volunteer to write the number 43 on the dry erase board. You will see a dot on your table. They may sit in front of the word wall to complete it.

first day of school writing activities for 2nd grade

Then picking up the number of fish on the die and reading the word on the fish. I appreciate it! When students come in, they find their piece, write their name and color their puzzle piece.

We have a class discussion about what it means to make the world a more beautiful place, why it is important to have hopes and dreams, and how we can do all of these things in our own lives. Begin with a Book This approach is especially effective for non-language arts teachers.

The game I want you to play is loaded. Return to groups and dismiss teams that are quiet and that have clean areas to recess. What was your greatest success last year? How can this school year help you prepare for the future?

beginning of the year activities for second grade

Count fish.

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The First Week of Second Grade