Essay on why i want to become an electrician

Essay on why i want to become an electrician

After determining where all the wires will go, electricians put together and connect the wires to circuit breakers, transformers, outlets, or other systems. Have you considered training as an electrician? Because I love electricity. Its my passion what I am good at and I need a job. If you like solving problems, working with your hands, and meeting new people, you can play to those strengths in this job field. They also put together and keep up with electrical equipment and machines in factories. So I can know more and learn about what makes it all possible. I chose to become an electrician because I have tried academic study and think I would prefer to undertake more hands on work. I want to learn a trade that is useful on many levels and forge a new career path. Increase Your Earning Potential Electricians have one of the highest average salaries among trade professionals and construction industry workers. It would allow me to work with my hands, develop a great skill, and allow me to take pride in m work. When I was a child, electrical appliances at home kept on getting broken and everytym we would get someone to fix them, I always saw this person as a genius who could work with electricity and told myself that I would be that genius one day. Sounded like a good idea. It has always been one of many fields I have considered.

The reasons above should help you decide. Office work or shop work not for me.

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Like the detail aspect, and the satisfaction of returning or giving people power. Our society depends on electricity, and new electrical technologies emerge regularly.

I looked up to them, and decided it would be a good career for me.

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I choose to become an electrician because where there is light there would be work. The other reason this job seem appealing to some is the salary. They specialize in construction mainly install wiring systems into factories, businesses, and new homes. You may also have financial aid options to help you pay for the courses. I love working with my hands, I like the idea of helping people obtain electricity and generally love the work all around. This salary is a higher wage than plumbers, roofers, and construction workers. I personally am drawn to the position of an electrician because I enjoy and am fascinated by the complexity and interworkings of the different components and that sort of thing. I found that I enjoyed it, and would possibly want to make a career out of it. I want to become and electrical apprentice because im not looking for a job im looking for a career and I believe that being an electrical apprentice is something I can do as a career. They install, repair, test and maintain wiring, fuses and other equipment and systems through which electricity flows.

I like practical work. I wish to increase my knowledge in this trade. The complex problem solving capabilities is another personality trait.

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Get More Interview Practice. During secondary school I knew I wanted to start in employment under one of the trades as soon as possible rather than go on and attend university.

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To gain the necessary training and experience in becoming an electrician.

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Top 6 Reasons to Become an Electrician