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Today, one nearby fort is managed by micronation Principality of Sealand ; the rest can be seen safely from a boat or, on a clear day, the shores of Shoebury East Beach.

Abandoned places in the world and their stories

Though its declared sovereign status is not officially recognized. It functioned as a military hospital during WWI and again in , though it was occupied by Soviet forces. You can find tours of portions of the island, but for those that want the virtual experience with creepy music can get it on this site. Abandoned in the early s, it used to be a thriving community. It was converted into a naval museum in recent times but has since closed because of the recent geopolitical issues in Crimea. Today, Transit Museum members can tour the station, and some passengers might get a lucky viewing: Take the downtown 6 at Brooklyn Bridge and try to catch a glimpse as the train moves past the underground gem before switching to uptown. Though the monument was abandoned and closed to the public in , sneaky explorers continue to venture in to gaze at the otherworldly dome.

It first opened in and remained in operation untilthen served as a museum and coffee shop until the rising sands finally forced it to shut down completely in A few of them are strictly off-limits yet others are free for you to visit if you are brave enough.

One German entrepreneur, Christoph Rossnerhas plans to grow medicinal cannabis in a forgotten nuclear bunker on a partially abandoned air base.

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Abandoned ferris wheel, Chernobyl The town was deserted when the resources began to deplete. Advertisement 5. Various wrecked hulls remain in the area including the most famous of them, the SS Ayrfield.

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The buildings were finally demolished in and by all UFO pods had been removed. Though not necessarily beautiful in the classic sense of the word, the bones of the town are pretty breathtaking, with the soft billowing sand dunes that stretch out around the town and inside the chipped pastel buildings.

Azure Swimming Pool. It was originally built at the beginning of the 20th Century to treat tuberculosis with the entire facility comprising around 60 buildings.

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