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Words in the middle of the list are not remembered as well due to the fact that these words are not rehearsed and therefore are lot through displacement.

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The model may have application to helping people with dementia or brain damage. Critical Evaluation Strengths One strength of the multistore model is that is gives us a good understanding of the structure and process of the STM.

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For example, the HM case study, Milner Therefore, the role of rehearsal as a means of transferring from STM to LTM is much less important than Atkinson and Shiffrin claimed in their model. One example of this was the pursuit rotor task in which he simply had to use a pencil to follow a wavering line on a rotating disc.

The SR is where information from the senses is stored, but only for a duration of approximately half a second before it is forgotten.

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Auditory-verbal short-term memory impairment and conduction aphasia.

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The multistore model of memory for A level psychology