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They take two pigeons as their offering. When he died, the English were frightened, and deserted. The questions to be discussed were: 1. That requires reading, bathing in the text, delighting in the text, alone and with others. While policy makers have agreed students need support in their historical writing, recurring themes in centralised resourcing have been wastage, incoordination and replication. I offer these categories as a tentative structure for a knowledge base needed by senior leadership teams if they are to understand and interrogate both curriculum and all that curriculum affects. Have now made some short and extended descriptive tasks to use as revision activities so that they can build on the skills we've been developing. Talk the language of narrative; let curriculum do its work across time. These are proxies for the way the full novel stays with us, enriching our literary reference points and colouring our language use for ever. Their research focus is on the ideas that pupils seem to be working with often tacitly rather than procedures they can carry out Dickinson, Lee and Ashby Once we start thinking about content structured as a narrative we really get somewhere. The class discussion becomes an invigorating mix of competition and collaboration: Can't see the video?

Otherwise, any view on time spent on X, or method used to teach X, or measure that X is secure… is ripped right out of context. A narrative works through the indirect manifestations of knowledge.

There is a picture in the Bayeux Tapestry of Harold being killed with an arrow through his eye. They take two pigeons as their offering. Download it here She said that pupils find it difficult to move their thoughts from the concrete to the abstract, that is from a mass of historical detail to a more general, abstract idea.

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It was not Maries invention, but she had chosen to use it in this setting. A narrative works through the indirect manifestations of knowledge. In some subjects, we do well to remember that what has been identified as core knowledge, what must be recalled, is just a proxy. October , Nicosia, Cyprus. Her pupils find analytical writing very difficult. Christine Counsell — extended writing book. A narrative is constantly unifying, pulling things together so that they function. March , University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a young teacher, Christine had chanted a mantra to her classes that: "In essay writing,, the first sentence of each paragraph should indicate the role of that paragraph within the overall argument". In looking at any piece of content you need to be able to see it within its curricular relationships. The word is replete with a sense of movement.

And this narrative behaviour of curriculum starts to give us a language for interrogating the curricular workings of subjects not our own, sufficient at least to avoid some of the worst pitfalls of generic assumptions.

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christine counsell extended writing activities

Cut them and the core is not fed. These are proxies for the way the full novel stays with us, enriching our literary reference points and colouring our language use for ever. Knights concept of teaching by exposure can be transferred to skills and concepts, too.

Second, it reminds us that curriculum is not a mere aggregate of things.

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William chose a good time to invade, before Harold had established his position as king. Our knowledge is carried by the narrative and performs functions that we cannot always see.

Phillips conducted surveys and interviews of teacher opinion that created a damning picture.

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