Character analysis of juliet in romeo and juliet and falstaff in henry iv

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He is a cold, calculating man. In the case of Prince Hal and Falstaff, things are a little bit more complicated. The Chief Justice also conveys Falstaff to the Fleet prison for temporary incarceration. The Lord Chief Justice enters, looking for Falstaff.

As the honey of Hibia, my old lad of the castle; and is not a buff-jerkin a most sweet robe of durance?

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This makes him an object of scorn to the nobles and calls into question his royal worthiness. I conclude this point by saying that the friendships between both Hamlet and Horatio and Hal and Falstaff can be characterized by truthfulness and intimacy, but also by a certain distance.

He would not be in character, if he were not so fat as he is; for there is the greatest keeping in the boundless luxury of his imagination and the pampered self-indulgence of his physical appetites. He meets with the rebels in Gaultree Forest, where he reproaches the Archbishop of York for his part in the rebellion, but announces that Prince John is prepared to hear their grievances and grant redress if their complaints are justified.

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Harry, I do not only marvel where thou spendest thy time, but also how thou art accompanied: for though the camomile, the more it is trodden on, the faster it grows, yet youth, the more it is wasted, the sooner it wears. Marry, if thou wert an honest man, thyself, and the money too. Falstaff decides to send the women identical love letters and asks his servants — Pistol and Nym — to deliver them to the wives. The heroic and serious part of these two plays founded on the story of Henry IV. In Henry IV Part 2 she asks for Falstaff to arrested for running up debts and for making a proposal to her. Seeing he is alone, he stabs Hotspur's corpse in the thigh and claims credit for the kill. Henry naturally succeeds by his prudence and caution in keeping what he has got: Northumberland fails in his enterprise from an excess of the same quality, and is caught in the web of his own cold, dilatory policy. There he encounters an old school friend, Justice Shallow, and they reminisce about their youthful follies.

Why, what a pox have I to do with mine hostess of the tavern? At a meeting of the rebels at the Archbishop of York's palace, his advice is to proceed to battle, since he believes the rebels have sufficient forces to prevail, even without Northumberland. Cobham was a common butt of veiled satire in Elizabethan popular literature; he figures in Ben Jonson 's Every Man in His Humour and may have been part of the reason The Isle of Dogs was suppressed.

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He brings the news that Hotspur, Northumberland's son, was killed in the battle at Shrewsbury. Where shall we take a purse to-morrow, Jack? Fat, old, drunk, and corrupt as he is, he has a charisma and a zest for life that captivates the Prince. They are the essence of chivalry. I know not what you call all, but if I fought not with fifty of them I am a bunch of radish. But to say, I know more harm in him than in myself, were to say more than I know. Falstaff is also a companion of Prince Henry. As a result, both can in a sense be seen as solitary or isolated figures.
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