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Create links from websites with one touch. WordPress Probably the most popular blogging site for the tech industry is WordPress. Here are a few reasons I find Ulysses to be great for someone like me who has a regular blog and newsletter: Easy to quickly capture: If you deal with ideas, notes, and writing on a regular basis, then you know first hand that you are always having to jot down ideas and capture tidbits of inspiration.

I had documents and notes and ideas saved to Dropbox, Simplenote, Apple Notes, and other places.

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Centralized spot for all notes and writing: I cannot overemphasize how liberating it is to have a central and delightful app that holds my ideas, notes, articles, and other tidbits of inspiration all in one spot. I was using multiple apps on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

It also has AutoSchedule functionality that allows messages to be sent out over a definite number of days. Combined with a TextExpander snippet, site-specific searches are speedy.

The simplest, but slowest, way to post to WordPress is to use a browser. The truth is, tools do not a blogger make… Heck, if I wanted, I could write my blog posts using rocks to form letters in my back yard.

Download: Hootsuite 4.

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Download: Squarespace Blog 8.

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