Barilla spa case the value

The program could decrease their inventories and improve their delivery rate to their stores. The sales and marketing organizations were very vocal in expressing their opposition to the plan and how it could adversely affect their departments Hammond, 9.

This would eliminate Barilla scrambling to meet demand swings from the distributor.

barilla case study executive summary

Sales Representatives Incentives based on the amount of the products that they sold to the distributors. We run risk of not being able to adjust our shipment sufficiently quickly to meet demand?

bullwhip effect

PROS: 1- Resolve the demand fluctuation that often lead to the bullwhip effect. Therefore mentioned analysis discussed a variety of methods by which to make such implementation more viable than it was in the past.

If so, which customers would you target next? Barilla SpA A. The JITD program would need to be linked to volume discount incentives for distributors and promotion discounts for retailers in order to receive buy-in from the distributors, sales, and marketing organizations.

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Barilla Spa Case Study Analysis Essay Example For Students