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Different types of dreams consist of day dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, normal dreams, etc. This cycle of boredom and the progression of images of confinement, escape, and chaos, parallel both in the Chapter on Emma's education and the novel as a whole the entire mural of the novel as Emma's journey from boredom in reality to self-destruction in fantasy.

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The Childhood dream world resides with the subconscious stream of images and ideas, and are perpetually modified and refined throughout our lives. These studies show that dreams are more perceptual than conceptual: Things are seen and heard rather than thought. Like the unicorn, Laura loses some of her purity through contact with Jim.

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Dream Fianna had just reached the market in the village square with her sisters and the cart. It is a way to travel into time or into a place that could never exist. The other is about the types of dreams. Shakespeare's island is a realm controlled by the artist figure; where the fabulous, the ideal and the imaginative are presented as both illusory and palpable, and where the audience is held in an indeterminate state, a "strange repose". But even so, Hermia cannot escape peril. This alternate reality, separate from the conscious world we see around us, has captured the interest of many people throughout history. In other words, dreams can be a way the brain organizes and analyzes the day to day events during sleep. Scott Fitzgerald Essay There are nightmares and day dreams. The other three characters in The Glass Menagerie are not as fragile and childlike as Laura; however, each of them has also lost a precious, youthful hope in the draining struggle to survive adulthood.

They can be daydreams, when we're awake, wishing and hoping for something more bigger and better than we already have, or the way we hope things should and would be. He enters a building, which is presumed to be a church and is surrounded by what is presumed to be his family members.

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Dreams are mysteries of the mind and adventures of the sleeping brain.

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Having Dreams and Dealing with Reality